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Like to believe I am independent, though I am enormously fond of my family & friends. Relationships hold great importance in my life, be it with friends or family. I believe in certain values and don't believe in compromising on them. I love Motor Riding, Music is another great passion. I am ambitious and personal achievements, however small get me on a high..!

I am broad minded, sportive or positive attitude, always want to spend my time with my friends & family as much as I can and do fulfil my social responsibilities in any way, sometimes reserved kind of person. Still I got to figure out few things in me by learning things better and one thing I can strongly say is, it takes time to understand me completely and my principle is to give best in whatever i do and ultimately reach the success even though it is tiny.

"I just love when people say I can’t do something because all my life people said I wasn't going to make it." Day by day interest to learn new things is moving high in me and giving a chance to know more about it. Still i need to figure out some things in me, when i look back in my life there are many things which make me feel good about every moment of life.

Whatever Whichever.. live and let live.
This is what i am before you in short. ;-)
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Who am i?

I am just "A Common Man with Common Thoughts".
One among yourself who always learns better and believes in Experimental learning too.
One who will support you all the time in need of help.